1. Why Choose Polyaspartic Floor Coatings?

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  2. Why Choose Concrete Staining In Fort Collins

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  3. Where To Find Epoxy Garage Flooring In Fort Collins

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  4. Choosing The Right Concrete Company For The Job

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  5. Why We Love Each Of Our Northern Colorado Communities Equally

    When you are a local concrete company like ours, meaning you’ve been around a while and you’re lucky enough to be able to call Northern Colorado your home, you tend to grow a certain affection for the communities which you serve. Really, it’s tough to beat living in a place like this. You’ve…Read More

  6. Our Concrete Company’s Story – Who We Are

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  7. Concrete Services Overview – What We Can Do For You

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  8. Community Spotlight: Cesar’s Concrete

    Here at Mile High Coatings, we’ve been around in Northern Colorado for a few years now. Check that, more than a few years -- let’s try over a decade of experience delivering high-quality painting and coating services for both residential and commercial structures throughout Northern Colorado. On…Read More

  9. Why Your Local Concrete Contractors Love Concrete So Much

    In posts of the past, we’ve taken the time to highlight what we love about our Northern Colorado community. Cesar’s Concrete has been serving Northern Colorado with expert concrete services for some 25 years now, and through that quarter-century of experience comes a knowledge of the people you …Read More