Cesar’s Concrete has been Greeley’s and its surrounding areas residential and commercial concrete company for over 20 years. If you are looking for concrete contractors in Greeley, you’ve come to the right place.

Our founder, Cesar Mendoza, is a local Northern Colorado resident and his business is family owned and operated. When you blend our love for the Greeley community with a commitment to excellence and affordable prices, you start to understand why so many people are choosing and referring Cesar’s Concrete for our variety of local concrete services. Whether you are interested in custom patio design, a new driveway, foundation work, concrete repair work, or any other concrete flatwork, we have you covered.


As you’ve already noticed, we offer a wide range of services here at our Northern Colorado concrete company. However, concrete driveways could be considered our bread and butter and where everything got started. Our commitment to providing Greeley residents with an affordable and reliable concrete contractor is unparalleled in the industry.  With elite skill and competitive prices, we will go above and beyond the status quo in multiple ways. If you want a dedicated concrete contracting company with a staff that is punctual, offers flexible scheduling, are detail orientated, and have a great reputation, Cesar’s Concrete is definitely worth looking into as your Greeley concrete contractor.


We are also adept in our ability to design and execute custom concrete repairs, replacements, or new designs for concrete patios. We understand the subtleties in patio work that can really make your new patio stand out. Our area of expertise is blending our own experience and knowledge with our customer’s vision of their new patio to create the best possible product. We also offer great prices and bring a vast amount of knowledge in the industry when it comes to any concrete flatwork. Please consider Cesar’s Concrete as your stamped concrete patio company of choice for any concrete projects that you have in mind.


If you are looking for concrete walkway or sidewalk solutions, or researching different types and styles of walkway designs, Cesar’s Concrete is the Greeley community’s growing choice as a concrete contractor. We offer concrete repair, replacement, or help design and construct new walkways. Whether you are in need of commercial concrete services or residential contractor, we’ve got you covered. We love to help Northern Colorado, and the local Greeley residents so call in to our experts today for your free consultation!


When it comes to making your new concrete design unique and appealing, Cesar’s Concrete stamped and colored concrete services will transform your project to stand out, far more than the typical gray concrete. Colored concrete is great for matching the color and style of your house or business. We can color your concrete a broad range of colors from shades of red and grey. Stamped concrete is used to imitate other forms of masonry, but you still get all of the benefits people choose concrete for, such as the durability and versatility of concrete.

Whatever combination of color and texture that you decide to go with, we ask that you consider Cesar’s Concrete because of our experience in the Greeley community and our commitment to affordable prices. Throw in unparalleled attention to detail on every project, and you’ve got yourself a great selection for Greeley residential and commercial concrete. If given the opportunity on your next concrete project, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed.


Maybe you are a Greeley resident who are searching for for concrete services in your area on your smartphone like a lot of people do these days. Maybe you searched “concrete company near me” or “concrete contractor in my area”. Whether that scenario describes yours or not, we want you to know that we are Greeley’s choice for residential and commercial concrete contracting work for a good reason. Our blend of customer service coupled with our competitive pricing makes us a choice worth consideration. If you are looking for concrete driveways, walkways, patios, and stamped/colored concrete services, get your free estimate with Cesar’s Concrete today! We love to help turn your dreams into reality in a cost-effective way!