How Much Does Stamped Concrete Cost In Northern Colorado?

Do you want to add a stamped concrete patio, sidewalk, driveway, or sitting area to your home in the Fort Collins area? As you researched stamped concrete options, you might have questions like:

  • How much does stamped concrete cost?
  • Is stamped concrete right for my home?
  • What is the maintenance costs associated with stamped concrete?

As local contractors who do dozens of stamped concrete projects every year, we help many homeowners learn about, design, and install the stamped concrete that fits their budget and their wants.

In this article, we will outline the costs associated with doing stamped concrete in your Loveland home, and list some of the pros and cons of owning stamped concrete so you can make the decision if it’s right for your home.

How Much Is Stamped Concrete In Northern Colorado?

In Northern Colorado, the installation cost of stamped concrete might be around $4,000 on the low end, and upwards of $50,000 on the high end. This is a wide range, and we will help break this down so you can get a better idea of what your project might end up costing.

3 Main Factors That Affect Stamped Concrete Cost:

  • Size – The overall size of your stamped concrete project is the biggest determining factor for the overall cost. The bigger your patio, the more investment it will take. Makes sense right? Kind of….

    • The larger the area you do in stamped concrete, the lower your cost per square foot is on the project. For instance, a large stamped concrete project can be as little as $12 per square foot for jobs over 2000 square feet. Vs smaller projects can have cost per square feet of $25 or more. The average stamped concrete project is around $15 per square foot in the Fort Collins- Windsor area.
  • Prep Work – What type of prep will be needed to be done in order to create the best stamped concrete project you can imagine? Are you a new home owner and have a blank slate to work with? Are you replacing an existing patio or deck with a new one? Is your yard flat, or do you need the area to be leveled off? All of these factors will come into play for your stamped concrete project. Here are some typical costs associated:

    • Existing deck/ patio removal – $2-$5 per square foot
    • Excavating or raising the area for concrete- $1 per square foot per inch up or down on average
  • Design – Are you looking to have one main color and design in your stamped concrete, or are you wanting to create something other worldly to blow people’s minds when they see your new stamped concrete area? The more complex the design, the more the investment cost.

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How Much Are Maintenance Costs Associated with Stamped Concrete?

Luckily we can keep this section short and simple. One of concrete’s main advantages over other building materials are the low maintenance costs associated with it. If concrete work is done right, you can expect a long life span, sometimes as long as 40 years! To maintain stamped concrete and preserve the color, we recommend re-sealing the concrete every 2 years. This timeframe can be shorter if the area is exposed to constant wear and tear from traffic and the sun, or longer if the area is nice and shady under some beautiful Northern Colorado trees.

If you hire a professional to re-seal your patio every couple of years the cost be anywhere in between $400 and $1000 depending on project size.

This is also one of the only projects associated with concrete that we feel comfortable telling people that they can do themselves. Just pick up a High Quality bucket of sealer from a professional grade supplier (We recommend Bobcat of the Rockies in Windsor), a re-usable sprayer, and a roller and you can do this project yourself. Costs can be as low as $150-$400.

What Are the Pro’s and Con’s Of Stamped Concrete Vs. Other Building Materials?

Stamped concrete projects cost more than standard concrete projects and various landscaping materials like gravel and crushed rock, but are less expensive than pavers and wood decks in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas.


  • Beautiful
  • Durable
  • Cheaper to maintain than wood decks
  • More affordable than other decorative options


  • More expensive than standard concrete or DIY areas
  • Once cracked, there is not much you can do to repair (That is why it is important to invest in proper prep work)
  • More maintenance than standard concrete
  • Sealed area can be slippery when wet

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Stamped Concrete Examples and Costs Associated

Large Stamped Concrete Patio with 2 layers, 2 designs, same color. Removed existing small patio and replaced. Square footage, 1500. Price per square foot $16. Investment cost: $24,000

Stamped Patio Design